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    For nominating in any of our category or multiple ones, please click on this below button

    Nomination Process

    1. Submit your entry form online.
    2. Your entry will be checked and vetted to ensure your nomination qualifies for the selected category/s.
    3. Nominees will be published when voting opens and they may announce their nomination/s and begin any marketing campaigns.

    What You Get
    Successful applicants will receive the Nominee Package, which includes the following digital products:

    • India Hospitality Awards - Nominee Certificate
    • India Hospitality Awards - Vote For Us Button
    • India Hospitality Awards - Vote For Us Web Banners

    Rules for Entry

    1. All entries must be travel and tourism products that serve the public or the industry.
    2. Your business is eligible to enter if it has been operational in its recent form for at least 12 months at the time of applying.
    3. Any entrants for New Hotel or New Resort categories will be eligible to enter if, at the time of applying, they opened within the past 12 months.
    4. If your entry relates to a specific project, it must have been completed and fully implemented at the time of applying.
    5. Any internet or technology products must have been operational for at least 12 months at the time of applying.
    6. India Hospitality Awards retains the right to disqualify entries.
    7. All Entry Forms must be completed in English.
    8. Entries must reach India Hospitality Awards by the published closing dates.
    9. Only complete entries will be considered.
    10. Entries must be submitted online.
    11. Once received, all entry forms and supporting documents become the property of India. Travel Awards and no returns of such material will be made. India Hospitality Awards will not be held responsible if such documents are lost or damaged.
    12. The decision of India Hospitality Awards will be final and can-not be challenged in any court of law.
    13. Done for the encouragement of the industry and there by taking India Tourism to the next level.
    14. You can create your own category /categories.
      Eligibility - If there are less than 5 nominations in a category and have not received a minimum number of votes that category becomes null & void.

    How it works
    India Hospitality Awards supports, promotes and develops the Indian travel and tourism industry by identifying and rewarding excellence and inspiring its practitioners to continuously raise the standards of their product and service offering and there by taking India Tourism to the next level.

    India Hospitality Awards runs and governs a comprehensive programme across a range of awards developed to recognise the industry's most vital sectors and product offerings.
    Awards are presented across two tiers: "North & East" and "West & South".

    Regional Awards
    The annual final shortlist of nominees in each regional category is reached via the following criteria:

    1. Voted and approved self-nominations
    2. Voted and approved India Hospitality Awards commendations